Heathers first post!

I’m so excited! I have been reading real food blogs, and googling recipes and stalking other bloggers for years. Recently I was looking everywhere for a particular recipe and couldn’t find one I liked. So I experimented for a while and created the perfect recipe myself. The thought kept creeping in, “Why don’t you just write your own blog? Put all these recipes  you’ve developed over the years out on the internet for everyone else to share?” I am the last person left on earth who hasn’t joined the Facebook craze, so darn it I might as well have a blog right? Even if I am the only person who is ever going to read it!

I know for me personally having a large community of foodies out there who believe that butter is a health food and don’t take what the diet gurus on TV say seriously makes it so much easier to stay motivated to eat a nourishing diet. Lets face it, real food is hard work! We need all the motivation we can get.

This will also give me an avenue to vent when my crazy kitchen experiments don’t work out. I love sprouting and fermenting and tasting and soaking and creating, but every once in a while something will turn out so bad that it ends up in my boyfriends chicken coop. Maybe I should buy a dog….

I plan to discuss everything that interests me, including cooking tutorials, step by step instructions, organic gardening, raw dairy, homesteading, sustainability, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homemade cleaning and beauty products, basic kitchen skills and lots and lots of recipes.

So welcome to A Real Food Lover. This should be fun!



  1. AL said,

    February 17, 2012 at 3:09 AM

    wasn’t sure my 1st comment went through,

    so – Grandma used to use bacon drippings in leau of the butter, just a thought.

    & – I’ve added you to my favorites! Good luck !

    • February 17, 2012 at 3:55 AM

      Al, I use all those good fats that every seems to be so scared of. Bacon grease, lard, tallow, coconut oil, palm oil, butter mmmm!

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