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Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? I heard of it many years ago and thought it was just some of that ‘spiritual mumbo jumbo’ and ignored it. I have always been a realist and the concept seemed too fantastical. Our thoughts actually create our lives? Can it really be that simple?

I decided to test the theory a few weeks ago when I received an unexpected bill in the mail for $561.13.  I figured if the ‘universe’ could send me exactly that amount of money down to the penny I wouldn’t be able to ignore the Law of Attraction right?

I proceeded to read every piece of literature I could get my hands on and compiled the following process. This is what I did every day:

  1. I woke up in the morning and before getting out of bed I set an intention for the day. Something like “I intend to notice and pay attention to only positive aspects of my day today” or “I intend to focus my attention on wealth and abundance today”
  2. While making coffee and showering and getting ready for the day I would verbally say thank you for everything I could think of. It looked something like “Thank you for the abundance of possessions that I own. Thank you for this wonderful coffee brewing, it smells amazing and I am grateful for it. Thank you for this closet full of clothes to wear, I am truly grateful for all of the variety. Thank you for giving me hot water at the turn of a faucet, I am so thankful to live in such comfort”
  3. After I was ready for the day I would meditate for 20 minutes. At first I was miserable at meditation, but I gradually got better and better at holding my focus. This is truly an activity that improves with practice, so stick with it!  I didn’t do anything fancy. I sat in a comfortable position with my eyes closed and focused on my breathing. Any time my thoughts wandered I brought them back to focus on my breathing again.
  4. After that I would go about my regular day, paying special attention to what I was thinking about as I did so. I tried very hard to eliminate any negative thoughts, and only focused on the things that made me feel happy. The theory is that like attracts like, so I only focused on the positive aspects of my day, as I wanted to attract more of them.
  5. At the end of the day I would lay in bed and visualize until I fell asleep. I have a strong imagination so this was the fun part. I would try to be as detailed as possible and actually feel the check in my hand, and see myself depositing the money, and feel the emotions of excitement as I opened the envelope etc.

7 days later I received an automatic deposit from my job. They had decided that I was doing such a great job for them that they would give me a Christmas Bonus out of the blue. After all of the taxes and insurance came out of the bonus the deposit amount was exactly $561.13! I have worked for the same company for many years and I have never received a Christmas Bonus. It was completely unexpected and out of character.

So now what? Do I chalk that up to an amazing coincidence or do I honor my word and become a true believer in the Law of Attraction? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Have you ever attracted or manifested something, tell us your story!

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